Mul­ti­func­tio­nal bon­ding machi­ne

BAE: Pre­cise attach­ment of an adhe­si­ve tape par­al­lel to the fabric edge Text

BEE: Bon­ding of elastic tape along the fabric edge

BHE: Hem­ming of a pre­ce­ding BAE seam

On BAE and BEE ope­ra­ti­ons, a pre­cise cour­se of the adhe­si­ve is gua­ran­teed thanks to a side kni­fe, the distan­ce from the edge can be adjus­ted as requi­red. 5 hea­ting sys­tems ensu­re fast pro­duc­tion and high seam strength. Tem­pe­ra­tures of the upper and lower con­vey­er belts as well as the blo­wer and tape gui­de can be adjus­ted sepa­r­a­te­ly. The speed of upper and lower con­vey­er belts can be adjus­ted indi­vi­dual­ly. The pres­su­re of upper con­vey­er belt can be defi­ned digi­tal­ly. A 7″ touch screen moni­tor ensu­res simp­le ope­ra­ti­on.



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