HS 960

Auto­mat­ic strip cut­ter

HS 960 automatic strip cutter

Ful­ly auto­mat­ic cut­ting of elas­tic and non-elas­tic tapes, straps, laces, vel­cro-tapes, etc. width up to 165 mm (knife cut). Pro­gram­ming of sev­er­al cut­ting orders with vary­ing num­ber of pieces and lengths in mm-steps from 1 mm to 10 meters.

The feed speed (max­i­mum 60 meters per minute) can be opti­mal­ly adjust­ed to suit the dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als.

High stan­dard of repeat­ing accu­ra­cy due to the high-tech mechan­i­cal com­po­nents and the sophis­ti­cat­ed elec­tron­ics.

New option: Tape joint detec­tion

For recog­ni­tion of the bond­ed joint of 2 tape ends, with a new sen­sor. Alu­mini­um bond­ing tape is not nec­es­sary for detec­tion, the sen­sor also iden­ti­fies paper and plas­tic adhe­sive tape joints. The high scan­ning speed doesn’t affect pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Opti­mal instal­la­tion of the sen­sor is pos­si­ble due to its com­pact design.

After recog­ni­tion of the joint, the soft­ware cal­cu­lates whether or not a com­plete piece still can be pro­duced. The tape is then trans­port­ed to just after the adhe­sive joint and cut. The waste will be dis­card­ed.



UST 100
Ultra­son­ic cut­ting unit (cut­ting width max. 95 mm)
HS 201
Throw-over stack­er, com­pact
HS 260–165
Clamp stack­er
HS 263–500
Rotat­ing stack­er, length 500 mm
HS 263‑1000
Rotat­ing stack­er, length 1000 mm
HS 264
Flat stack­er with tape feed by step­per motor, SMD 40 step­per motor dri­ve, step­per motor
Width change spin­dle
Fast width of elas­tic guide by hand­wheel and spin­dle
Small tape
For small tapes, 10 mm spring-mount­ed alu-pres­sure roller with spe­cial mount­ing brack­et, smooth­ing brush for opti­mum work­ing with small tapes
Tape Nr. 2, Tape Nr. 3
Simul­ta­ne­ous oper­a­tion: inde­pen­dent­ly spring-mount­ed press­er roller, slack adjust­ment con­trolled by pho­to­cell, tape end detec­tion by pho­to­cell, auto­mat­ic join detec­tion
Garter con­ver­sion kit

Con­ver­sion kit for sil­i­con coat­ed garters, dri­ve and pre-feed roller rub­ber coat­ed, pres­sure rollers rub­ber coat­ed, 20 mm in width, posi­tion adjustable on shaft, blow­er fit­ted to the cut­ting device, extra low mount­ing of pho­to­cell for slack adjust­ment, slack feed device, 220V up to 160 mm width with light sen­sor and tray
Mon­i­tor­ing of alu­mini­um foil tape joins
Mon­i­tor­ing of alu­mini­um foil tape joins and thick sec­tions with light sen­sor in front of the pre-feed roller
Mea­sur­ing tape on angle

Addi­tion­al angle in front with mea­sur­ing tape
Angle cut
Angle cut with con­tin­u­ous twist­ing mech­a­nism by step­per motor
Mark read­ing device
Mark read­ing device for label cut­ting
Ion­is­ing device
Ion­is­ing device for strong elec­tro­sta­t­ic charged tapes (depend­ing on type of tape stronger devices on request)
Tape take-up mon­i­tor­ing
Take-up on the front and rear pres­sure rollers con­trolled by light sen­sor



HS 960/UST ultra­son­ic tape cut­ting automat

HS 960/263–500 tape cut­ting automat with turn­ing stack­er 500 mm