HS 960

Auto­ma­tic strip cut­ter

HS 960 automatic strip cutter

Ful­ly auto­ma­tic cut­ting of elastic and non-elastic tapes, straps, laces, vel­cro-tapes, etc. width up to 165 mm (kni­fe cut). Pro­gramming of several cut­ting orders with vary­ing num­ber of pie­ces and lengths in mm-steps from 1 mm to 10 meters.

The feed speed (maxi­mum 60 meters per minu­te) can be opti­mal­ly adjus­ted to suit the dif­fe­rent mate­ri­als.

High stan­dard of repea­ting accu­ra­cy due to the high-tech mecha­ni­cal com­pon­ents and the sophisti­ca­ted elec­tro­nics.

UST50: Ultra­so­nic cut­ting unit for maxi­mum 50 mm width • UST100: Ultra­so­nic cut­ting unit for maxi­mum 100 mm width • Twis­ting mecha­nism for ang­le cut • Dif­fe­rent sta­ckers • Con­ver­si­on kit for sili­con coated gar­ters • Device for label cut­ting

HS 960/UST ultra­so­nic tape cut­ting auto­mat

HS 960/263–500 tape cut­ting auto­mat with tur­ning sta­cker 500 mm


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