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HS 961

Auto­mat­ic strip cut­ter

HS 961 automatic strip cutter

Automat for cut­ting to length of all kind of tapes, straps and cords with a new­ly designed belt feed sys­tem. Proven mechan­ics, pneu­mat­ics and elec­tron­ics guar­an­tee high pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and pre­ci­sion. Dif­fer­ing qual­i­ties can be processed imme­di­ate­ly with­out major changes. A new tape is sim­ply insert­ed into the belts and fed up to the knife by press­ing a but­ton. A pow­er­ful cut­ting unit sep­a­rates quick­ly and pre­cise­ly even tough tapes. The high pow­er motor dri­ves the belts as well as the pre-feed­er.



UST 100
Ultra­son­ic cut­ting unit (cut­ting width max. 95 mm), mechan­i­cal con­ver­sion kit, 20 kHz con­vert­er, 20 kHz horn
HS 201
Throw-over stack­er, com­pact
HS 260–165
Clamp stack­er
HS 263–500
Rotat­ing stack­er, length 500 mm
HS 263‑1000
Rotat­ing stack­er, length 1000 mm
Hs 264
Flat stack­er with tape feed by step­per motor, SMD 40 step­per motor dri­ve, step­per motor
Mon­i­tor­ing of alu­mini­um foil tape joins
Mon­i­tor­ing of alu­mini­um foil tape joins and thick sec­tions with light sen­sor in front of the pre-feed roller
Mea­sur­ing tape

Addi­tion­al angle in front with mea­sur­ing tape
Angle cut

Angle cut with con­tin­u­ous twist­ing mech­a­nism by step­per motor
Mark read­ing device
Mark read­ing device for label cut­ting
Ion­is­ing device
Ion­is­ing device for strong elec­tro­sta­t­ic charged tapes (depend­ing on type of tape stronger devices on request)



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