HS 963

Auto­ma­tic strip cut­ter

HS 963 lace cutting automat


Tape cut­ting auto­mat for very accu­ra­te cut­ting to length of, for examp­le; sti­cky, cur­ling or thin tapes up to a length of 500 mm (grea­ter lengths avail­ab­le on request). The hig­hest repeat accu­ra­cy is achie­ved thanks to a new con­cept of pul­ling and mea­su­rement sys­tem. Tapes up to a width of 165 mm can be pro­ces­sed (wider tapes on request). Equip­ment: Auto­mat on a frame with cas­tors, emer­gen­cy stop switch with pres­su­re release of pneu­ma­tic sys­tem, elec­tro­nic con­trol with memo­ry of data for dif­fe­rent tapes and lengths, preli­mi­na­ry slack feed device with lar­ge activa­ti­on arm, safe­ty cover with inter­lock pro­tec­tion, tape end and jam detec­tion.



Ultra­so­nic cut­ting

Cut­ting and simul­ta­neous­ly wel­ding of the cut edge with 20KHz ultra­so­nic tech­no­lo­gy. Kit con­sis­ting of: ultra­so­nic gene­ra­tor, con­ver­ter, boos­ter, sonotro­de, spe­cial soft­ware and mecha­ni­cal com­pon­ents.

Pre­cise stacking of cut tapes. After reaching a pre­de­fi­ned quan­ti­ty, the finis­hed stack is moved out of the pro­tec­tive cover for imme­dia­te unloa­ding.
Elastic join detec­tion

Tape ends which are joi­ned with adhe­si­ve tape will be detec­ted and cut out. Kit with spe­cial pho­to­cell, mecha­nics and soft­ware.
Paper pull of unit

Auto­ma­tic pee­ling off and win­ding up of the pro­tec­tive backing paper for very sti­cky sili­con coated gar­ters.
Roll hol­der

Quick chan­ge from one roll to ano­t­her by the moun­ting of sup­port for an addi­tio­nal roll.
1000 mm long ver­si­on

Exten­ded ver­si­on for pre­cise cut­ting of gar­ters up to 1000 mm.




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