HS 800–0

Tape/label dis­pen­ser for manu­al take away

Eco­no­mic solu­ti­on to get tapes or labels fas­test pos­si­ble Han­dy.

The tape, which comes from a roll, will be for­war­ded to a pre­de­fi­ned length. By taking it away, the cut will be made in the same time by activating a hand con­tact.

Dis­pen­ser, elec­tro­nic con­trol and pneu­ma­tic are on a sup­port with table clamp. The com­pact unit can be fast trans­fer­red to dif­fe­rent work pla­ces.

Mar­king reader for a pre­cise ope­ra­ti­on with labels (ful­ly auto­ma­tic and con­ti­nuous cut­ting of labels to a pre­set quan­ti­ty is pos­si­ble) • fol­der for loop gene­ra­ting • ultra­so­nic cut • hot cut


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