HS 708C

Mete­ring Device








Small, extre­me­ly com­pact and ver­sa­ti­le sen­sor mete­ring device with elec­tro­nic ten­si­on moni­to­ring for tape width up to 50 mm. Manu­al ten­si­on chan­ge by actua­ting a knee switch or auto­ma­ti­cal­ly via exter­nal stitch impul­se (optio­nal). 100 garments with 9 seams per garment and 9 length-sec­tions per seam. Unli­mi­ted tape ten­si­on values can be pro­gram­med for each length-sec­tion. Auto­ma­tic deter­mi­na­ti­on of the con­trol sen­si­ti­vi­ty per tape. Opti­mal adjust­ment of the rolls if the­re are dif­fe­rent thic­knes­ses in the cross sec­tion of the tape. Very high con­trol dyna­mics in smooth moti­on con­trol.

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