HS 200–4 Throw-over stack­er
HS 201 Throw-over stack­er
HS 216 Bar stack­er for flat­seam­er machines
HS 232 Flap-stack­er for bar­tack­ing oper­a­tions of waist elas­tic
HS 233 Flap-stack­er with removal device for flat­seam­er machines
HS 234 Flap-stack­er for open leg oper­a­tions
HS 250–40-40 Flat stack­er with con­vey­or belt, 40 x 40 cm
HS 250–50-60 Flat stack­er with con­vey­or belt, 50 x 60 cm
HS 260 Clamp stack­er
HS 263 Rotat­ing stack­er
HS 264 Flat stack­er with tape feed by step­per motor