Auto­mat­ic label attach­ing with free pro­gram­ma­ble lock­stitch bar­tack machine

High pro­duc­tiv­i­ty is achieved because of the high speed bar­tack machine and auto­mat­ic label dis­penser. Auto­mat­ic cut­ting to length of label, posi­tion­ing under the sewing clamp and attach­ing with pre­de­fined bar­tack pro­gram. High flex­i­bil­i­ty because of quick and easy change to a dif­fer­ent label size or from flat to fold­ed labels. If required, spe­cial seam pat­tern pro­gram­ming by SCHIPS AG

HS 1022-K Pedestal with infi­nite­ly vari­able height adjust­ment • UST: Ultra­son­ic cut­ting of labels • Spe­cial fold­ing of top label edge • Iron­ing sys­tem for high-qual­i­ty creased edge on fold­ed loop labels • Auto­mat­ic dou­ble label dis­penser • Print­er for print­ing sizes or oth­er vari­able infor­ma­tion onto the label