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Sewing work­sta­tion with elec­tron­ic lock­stitch bar­tack­ing automat, print­er, cut­ting and feed­ing sys­tem

Quick­est response time to the ever more rapid­ly chang­ing mar­ket require­ments. The cur­rent­ly required label is print­ed then attached straight after­wards. A stock of labels is no longer nec­es­sary. The sourc­ing and deliv­ery costs will be elim­i­nat­ed. Between print­ing and sewing no label is wast­ed, even after a change of labels.

The required label is select­ed on the print­er and the quan­ti­ty to be print­ed is entered. Alterna­tively, an option­al bar code sys­tem can be used to read the required label for the new job.

On request the print­er can be equipped with a high qual­i­ty ultra­son­ic cut­ting unit to pre­vent fray­ing of the cut edge using ergonom­ic weld­ing.

If a looped label is required, an inte­grat­ed fold­ing unit after the cut­ting sys­tem is avail­able.

The print­er is avail­able in 3 ver­sions:
1.     1 colour on top
2.     2 colours on top
3.     1 colour on top, 1 colour under­neath

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