Auto­ma­tic ther­mal trans­fer prin­ting of flock logos or sin­gle labels

Supe­ri­or high-qua­li­ty prin­ting (ther­mal trans­fer-prin­ting) of flock logos or sin­gle labels on top of fabrics or other mate­ri­als. The sin­gle logos or labels sta­cked in an adjus­ta­ble maga­zi­ne are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly fed to the prin­ting sta­ti­on. The big advan­ta­ges of trans­fer prin­ting are: High ergo­no­mics and com­fort due to the no lon­ger dis­tur­bing seam. Pre­cise prin­ting due to the spe­cial posi­tio­n­ing and clam­ping devices. High safe­ty sys­tem, this enab­les to start the prin­ting pro­cess without power and with only one hand-by-hand switch. Pos­si­bi­li­ty to print also pre-cut trans­fer prin­ting labels and pre-cut labels for atta­ching by heat.

The fol­lo­wing ver­si­ons are avail­ab­le: HS C50F-A1 1 prin­ting sta­ti­on on one table, HS C50F-A2 2 prin­ting sta­ti­ons on one table

Prin­ting pro­cess start by: pho­to­cell, knee switch or foot switch


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