HS C57S-4

Bra sli­der auto­mat

Wel­ding of a tape loop onto a bra sli­der using ultra­so­nic tech­no­lo­gy. To ensu­re the bra sli­der is always opti­mal­ly cent­red on the bra strap and to pre­vent side­ways move­ment, a small loop of tape is fixed on the sli­der, which in a sub­se­quent ope­ra­ti­on is atta­ched to the strap by sewing.

The com­ple­te manu­fac­tu­ring cycle is ful­ly auto­ma­tic:

The sli­der is fed from a con­tai­ner and posi­tio­ned. A pie­ce of tape is cut from a roll and inser­ted bet­ween the cent­re and outer sli­der bars then the tape is for­med into a loop around the outer bar. Next the wel­ding takes place on the top and bot­tom of the outer bar and the sli­der with the atta­ched loop is ejec­ted into a box.


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