HS C1U-1-O/800–1

Sewing work­sta­tion with over­lock top feed sewing machine for clos­ing pil­low cov­ers with label sew in

The label can be fed from under­neath the fab­ric, syn­chro­nised with the sewing speed. Using a step­per motor dri­ve the label will always be attached at a right angle to the seam.

From a roll, the labels are cut very pre­cise­ly to length by our proven label dis­penser with mod­ern mark read­er and can be flat or as a loop.

The dis­tance from the start of the seam to the label can be defined in the soft­ware and has a very high accu­ra­cy. Rolls of labels of dif­fer­ent width can also be used.

Heat or ultra­son­ic cut­ting • label print­er • sin­gle label dis­penser