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Attach­ing of a Jeans waist­band from a roll to Jeans

Most up to date 2 nee­dle cylin­der-arm dou­ble chain stitch machine (basis 4 nee­dle) with a stan­dard nee­dle dis­tance of 38.2 mm. Pos­si­bil­i­ty to pro­gram the length for inten­tion­al­ly thread­less stitch­es at start and end of waist. This enables after­wards to turn in and close the waist­band at start and end of waist. Easy con­ver­sion for thread­less stitch­es only on the left or on booth nee­dles. 2 puller-sys­tem for an accu­rate, rec­tan­gu­lar cut­ting. HS 21-S-90 pneu­mat­ic low-noise tape cut­ter, rein­forced ver­sion, spe­cial­ly strong knife with high ser­vice life. Sim­ple han­dling of the high-tech con­trol unit. HS 1001-NW Z-frame with cas­tors.


HS C15A new with Yam­a­to MG2004P 4-nee­dle, cylin­der bed, nee­dle feed, chain stitch sewing machine


Step­per motor dri­ve instead of a mechan­i­cal dri­ve for the sec­ond puller • HS 1020-K pedestal with cas­tors, height adjust­ment by han­dle for ergonom­ic work­ing. The cas­tors are equipped with a spe­cial antivi­bra­tion lock­ing device.  • Spe­cial nee­dle dis­tances on inquiry pos­si­ble




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