Attaching of a Jeans waistband from a roll to Jeans

Most up to date 2 needle cylinder-arm double chain stitch machine (basis 4 needle) with a standard needle distance of 38.2 mm. Possibility to program the length for intentionally threadless stitches at start and end of waist. This enables afterwards to turn in and close the waistband at start and end of waist. Easy conversion for threadless stitches only on the left or on booth needles. 2 puller-system for an accurate, rectangular cutting. HS 21-S-90 pneumatic low-noise tape cutter, reinforced version, specially strong knife with high service life. Simple handling of the high-tech control unit. HS 1020-K pedestal with castors, height adjustment by handle for ergonomic working. The castors are equipped with a special antivibration locking device.

Stepper motor drive instead of a mechanical drive for the second puller • HS 1001-NW Z-frame with castors instead of HS 1020-K crank pedestal • Special needle distances on inquiry possible


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