HS 1200

Auto­ma­tic unit for ser­ging ope­ra­ti­ons

For ser­ging one or more sides of trou­ser, back and front panels without kne­e­li­ning, inclu­ding seat- and fly seam, also fro all kinds of ser­ging ope­ra­ti­ons on various types of mate­ri­al in the pro­duc­tion of ladies and mens wear such as skirts, skirt linings, dres­ses, trou­sers, coats and simi­lar garments.

Auto­ma­tic cor­ner stop

Elec­tro­nic dri­ve infi­ni­te­ly varia­ble top con­voy­er bands

Sta­cker ope­ra­ti­ons by seam­coun­ter

Machi­ne: Over­lock sewing machi­ne, 1 need­le, 2 or 3 threads.

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