Multi function sewing workstation – based on flat bed machine (SO: Lace from the top – basic equipment)

The careful consideration given to the design of this system of construction has resulted in a machine which can be adapted for the quick changes in market requirements in the shortest time. With this multi-function concept better machine utilisation, reduced space required for the storage of machines, lower capital investment and reduction of spare parts stock are achieved

The following conversion kits are available: SO: Lace from the top; F: Folded elastic; SU: Lace from the bottom; SUS: Lace from the bottom with hem; B: Binding; BV: Binding with front side knife; BG: Binding with elastic; BGV: Binding with elastic and front knife • Normal stand • HS 234 Stacker • Strong fabric waste suction for Santoni operations • HS 800-1 Label dispenser • QSD Quality sewing device • Buzzer when changing tension


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