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Mul­ti func­tion sewing work­sta­tion — based on cylin­der-arm machine (SO: Lace from the top — basic equip­ment)

The care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion giv­en to the design of this sys­tem of con­struc­tion has result­ed in a machine which can be adapt­ed for the quick changes in mar­ket require­ments in the short­est time. With this mul­ti-func­tion con­cept bet­ter machine util­i­sa­tion, reduced space required for the stor­age of machines, low­er cap­i­tal invest­ment and reduc­tion of spare parts stock are achieved. The cylin­der-arm machine offers a per­fect han­dling of the gar­ment

The fol­low­ing con­ver­sion kits are avail­able: SO: Lace from the top; F: Fold­ed elas­tic; SU: Lace from the bot­tom; SUS: Lace from the bot­tom with hem; B: Bind­ing; BV: Bind­ing with front side knife; BG: Bind­ing with elas­tic; BGV: Bind­ing with elas­tic and front knife • Nor­mal stand • HS 234 Stack­er • Strong fab­ric waste suc­tion for San­toni oper­a­tions • HS 800–1 Label dis­penser • QSD Qual­i­ty sewing device • Buzzer when chang­ing ten­sion


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