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HS 973B

Garter ring automat

Garter ring automat, sewing automats


Ful­ly auto­mat­ic pro­duc­tion of sil­i­con coat­ed garters from con­tin­u­ous elas­tic up to 100 mm width with­out oper­a­tor.

The unique con­cept of the automat makes it pos­si­ble to han­dle even high­ly adhe­sive and curly garters. Very high repeata­bil­i­ty is guar­an­teed.

The seam is absolute­ly flat, ergonom­ic and has a high resis­tance. Addi­tion­al mode for ful­ly auto­mat­ic cut­ting to length of elas­tic tape with­out sewing.



Ultra­son­ic cut­ting unit

Ultra­son­ic cut­ting unit for sil­i­cone coat­ed tapes
Removal of back­ing paper and wind­ing unit Tape denom­i­na­tion recog­ni­tion sys­tem
Hold­ers, pho­to­cell, soft­ware (only for alu­mini­um adhe­sive tapes)


HS 973/CT/PLKG1010 garter ring automat, cold cut, clos­ing with PLKG1010

HS 973/UST/AMS210 garter ring automat, ultra­son­ic cut, clos­ing with AMS210

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