Flatsea­mer work­sta­tion for high qua­li­ty flat seam clo­sing of, for examp­le, gus­set seams on slips and briefs

Con­sis­tent and com­ple­te over­lap­ping of upper and lower fabric plies, through cut­ting of both garment edges.

The spe­cial SCHIPS sewing parts also give full over­lap of bin­ding and elastic lace at seam start and end.

Opti­mum ergo­no­mics by con­ti­nuous height adjust­ment of sewing machi­ne head and inde­pen­dent adjust­ment of table top height.

High fle­xi­bi­li­ty from ver­sa­ti­le para­me­ter pro­gramming and high-tech elec­tro­nics

HS 233 Sta­cker with trans­fer device • HS 280 Inte­gra­ted bund­le clamp • Auto­ma­tic fast dif­fe­ren­ti­al chan­ge • Spe­cial thread stand for lar­ge thread cones for San­to­ni ope­ra­ti­ons • Extra strong fabric was­te suc­tion for San­to­ni ope­ra­ti­ons


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