Effi­cient attach­ing of bind­ing rings to neck open­ings with cylin­der­arm over­lock sewing machine

Binding rings, sewing automats

Spe­cial ten­sion device with 3 rollers to sew the ring accu­rate­ly to the closed neck open­ing. The low­er ten­sion pul­ley is lift­ed by knee con­tact before seam start and at the end of the seam to allow a fast, ergonom­ic load­ing and unload­ing of the mate­r­i­al.

Overview of all T-Shirt oper­a­tions.



HS 1020-K

Crank pedestal, short table top, semi-sub­merged mount­ing, fab­ric waste suc­tion with waste bag

HS 800–3 Label dis­penser

Label feed­ing and insert­ing from the top on top of the fab­ric by step­per motor feed, auto­mat­ic label posi­tion­ing or with knee switch

HS 270

Pneu­mat­ic bun­dle clamp with mount­ing for pedestal


Attach­ing of neck ring with label