HS C4J-2

Attach­ing of bind­ing and rein­forc­ing tape to neck open­ing, bot­tom side of the seam is inside of the T-Shirt

Binding automat inside, sewing automats

Due to opti­mal guid­ing bind­ing and rein­forc­ing tape are attached par­al­lel to the fab­ric edge with 2 nee­dle flatbed line chain stitch machine. The cut at the end of the seam is done either with the strong and very fast tape cut­ter HS 29–40 by knee switch or ful­ly auto­mat­ic. A bind­ing relax­er is pro­vid­ed for the ten­sion free feed­ing of bind­ing tape.

Overview of all T-Shirt oper­a­tions.

TP 105 slack feed device for rein­forc­ing tape • HS 1020-K crank pedestal with infi­nite adjust­ment of height with sep­a­rate height adjustable table exten­sion left from the machine case • HS 800–1 label dis­penser for attach­ing label from the roll. The label is feed below the sewing foot, syn­chro­nize to the sewing speed, there­fore it is always sewn straight • Pro­gram con­trolled adjust­ment of the dif­fer­en­tial feed ratio of the sewing machine to step­per motor for a per­fect seam optic • HS 280 pneu­mat­ic bun­dle clamp