HS C4J-2

Atta­ching of bin­ding and rein­for­cing tape to neck ope­ning, bot­tom side of the seam is insi­de of the T-Shirt

Due to opti­mal gui­ding bin­ding and rein­for­cing tape are atta­ched par­al­lel to the fabric edge with 2 need­le flat­bed line chain stitch machi­ne. The cut at the end of the seam is done eit­her with the strong and very fast tape cut­ter HS 29–40 by knee switch or ful­ly auto­ma­tic. A bin­ding rela­xer is pro­vi­ded for the ten­si­on free fee­ding of bin­ding tape.

TP 105 slack feed device for rein­for­cing tape • HS 1020-K crank pedes­tal with infi­ni­te adjust­ment of height with sepa­ra­te height adjus­ta­ble table exten­si­on left from the machi­ne case • HS 800–1 label dis­pen­ser for atta­ching label from the roll. The label is feed below the sewing foot, syn­chro­ni­ze to the sewing speed, the­re­fo­re it is always sewn strai­ght • Pro­gram con­trol­led adjust­ment of the dif­fe­ren­ti­al feed ratio of the sewing machi­ne to step­per motor for a per­fect seam optic • HS 280 pneu­ma­tic bund­le clamp


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