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HS C1D-137A

Over­lock work­sta­tion with auto­mat­ic back-latch device for clos­ing side seams on slips and T-shirts

Overlock workstation with back-latch, sewing automats

Effi­cient back-latch­ing of over­lock chain at seam start. Pos­si­bil­i­ty to com­bine sev­er­al seams with selec­tive­ly back-latch. Pro­gram­ming of chain length is pos­si­ble. The work­sta­tion is avail­able either with 1 nee­dle or with 2 nee­dle over­lock machine.

The HS 137A back-latch device and the option­al label dis­pensers HS 800–1 or HS 800–3 can be ordered sep­a­rate­ly or togeth­er as a con­ver­sion kit for sub­se­quent­ly mount­ing on the exist­ing over­lock machine.

Overview of all T-Shirt oper­a­tions.

Machine mount­ing ful­ly sub­merged • HS 1020-K pedestal with vari­able height adjust­ment by han­dle for ergonom­ic work­ing oper­a­tion • HS 800–1 label dis­penser for label attach­ing under­neath the fab­ric • Label dis­penser HS 800–3 for label attach­ing on top of the fab­ric


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