HS C1L-2

Short seam auto­mat­ic sewing over­lock machine with auto­mat­ic back-latch device for assem­bling 2 fab­ric plies

Overlock short seam automat with back-latch, sewing automats

Auto­mat­ic assem­bling of 2 fab­ric plies up to 400 mm length.

The arti­cles are posi­tioned in a pre-load­ing sta­tion. Feed­ing to the sewing machine, back-latch­ing of over­lock chain at seam start, sewing as well as trim­ming of thread chain are ful­ly auto­mat­ic.

Pre­cise clamp avoids dis­plac­ing of the plies dur­ing sewing cycle.

Pos­si­ble appli­ca­tions are clos­ing of side seams at under­wear and sleeve seams at T-Shirts.

Overview of all T-Shirt oper­a­tions.

Long ver­sion for seams up to 900 mm • HS 231 flap stack­er • HS 800 label dis­penser