2 nee­dle sleeve hem­mer

Hem­ming of sleeves, breast pock­ets, front and back parts of T-shirts, poloshirts etc., open/flat oper­a­tion with 2 nee­dle cov­er stitch machine. High qual­i­ty and con­sis­tent hem width from the begin­ning to the end of seam due to the opti­mum con­cep­tion of hem­ming guide, spe­cial sewing parts, top con­vey­or belt, right hand inde­pen­dent­ly dri­ven side knife and thread chain cut­ting sys­tem. High pro­duc­tiv­i­ty is achieved through the quick and per­ma­nent load­ing of the automat and prac­ti­cal­ly unin­ter­rupt­ed sewing with max­i­mum sewing speed. Ful­ly auto­mat­ic sewing cycle because of the con­vey­or belts inte­grat­ed in the table and stack­er, result­ing in reduced train­ing time of the oper­a­tor. Frame with height adjust­ment for ergonom­ic work­ing, ease ser­vice due to the mov­able and there­fore free acces­si­ble sewing machine. Flex­i­ble upgrades of the mod­u­lar automat pos­si­ble, sup­port­ed by the high-tech and effi­cient elec­tron­ics.

Overview of fur­ther hem­ming machines.



Stack­er for large pieces

Addi­tion­al stack­er, side­ways mount­ed, for stack­ing front and rear pan­els of t-shirts, night­shirts, trouser legs etc.
HS 250–50-60

High capac­i­ty flat stack­er with upper trans­port belts and high-pre­ci­sion stack­ing
HS 214

High speed stack­er for small pieces such as children’s sleeves, front pock­ets etc.
Enlarged small piece stack­er
Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of small piece stack­er up to a width of 750 mm for long nar­row parts such as long sleeves, legs etc.
Juki MF 7723

2/3 nee­dle flatbed machine in 2.8, 3.2, 4.0, 5.6 and 6.4 mm nee­dle dis­tances avail­able
Kit for curl­ing mate­ri­als

Smooth­ing device for curl­ing mate­ri­als such as sin­gle jer­sey, microfi­bre etc. spe­cial adjust­ments of the automat
Laser posi­tion­ing beam

Pro­ject­ing a laser posi­tion­ing beam for striped parts with high pre­ci­sion align­ment of the stripes
Cov­er thread kit

Addi­tion­al trans­port at the side of sewing press­er foot when using upper cov­er thread, par­tic­u­lar­ly for thin and dif­fi­cult mate­ri­als
Fold­ing sta­tion for sleeves

Device for fold­ing the sleeves in the mid­dle of the seam, so that han­dling time for the sub­se­quent seam clos­ing oper­a­tion can be min­imised.



Sleeve hem­ming with pick up sup­port

Sleeve hem­ming — chil­dren size