2 need­le slee­ve hem­mer

Hem­ming of slee­ves, bre­ast pockets, front and back parts of T-shirts, polo­shirts etc., open/flat ope­ra­ti­on with 2 need­le cover stitch machi­ne. High qua­li­ty and con­sis­tent hem width from the begin­ning to the end of seam due to the opti­mum con­cep­ti­on of hem­ming gui­de, spe­cial sewing parts, top con­veyor belt, right hand inde­pendent­ly dri­ven side kni­fe and thread chain cut­ting sys­tem. High pro­duc­tivi­ty is achie­ved through the quick and per­ma­nent loa­ding of the auto­mat and prac­tical­ly unin­ter­rup­ted sewing with maxi­mum sewing speed. Ful­ly auto­ma­tic sewing cycle becau­se of the con­veyor belts inte­gra­ted in the table and sta­cker, resul­ting in redu­ced trai­ning time of the ope­ra­tor. Frame with height adjust­ment for ergo­no­mic working, ease ser­vice due to the mova­ble and the­re­fo­re free acces­si­ble sewing machi­ne. Fle­xi­ble upgrades of the modu­lar auto­mat pos­si­ble, sup­por­ted by the high-tech and effi­ci­ent elec­tro­nics.



Sta­cker for lar­ge pie­ces

Addi­tio­nal sta­cker, side­ways moun­ted, for stacking front and rear panels of t-shirts, nights­hirts, trou­ser legs etc.
HS 250–50-60

High capa­ci­ty flat sta­cker with upper trans­port belts and high-pre­ci­si­on stacking
HS 214

High speed sta­cker for small pie­ces such as children’s slee­ves, front pockets etc.
Enlar­ged small pie­ce sta­cker
Modi­fi­ca­ti­on of small pie­ce sta­cker up to a width of 750 mm for long nar­row parts such as long slee­ves, legs etc.
Juki MF 7723

2/3 need­le flat­bed machi­ne in 2.8, 3.2, 4.0, 5.6 and 6.4 mm need­le distan­ces avail­ab­le
Kit for cur­ling mate­ri­als

Smoot­hing device for cur­ling mate­ri­als such as sin­gle jer­sey, micro­fib­re etc. spe­cial adjust­ments of the auto­mat
Laser posi­tio­n­ing beam

Pro­jec­ting a laser posi­tio­n­ing beam for stri­ped parts with high pre­ci­si­on align­ment of the stri­pes
Cover thread kit

Addi­tio­nal trans­port at the side of sewing pres­ser foot when using upper cover thread, par­ti­cu­lar­ly for thin and dif­fi­cult mate­ri­als
Fol­ding sta­ti­on for slee­ves

Device for fol­ding the slee­ves in the midd­le of the seam, so that hand­ling time for the sub­se­quent seam clo­sing ope­ra­ti­on can be mini­mi­sed.



Slee­ve hem­ming with pick up sup­port

Slee­ve hem­ming — child­ren size



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