Bart­acking of over­lap­ped waist elastic and simul­ta­neous label atta­ching on top of the elastic on slips and Briefs

Retrac­ta­ble gui­de for pre­cise posi­tio­n­ing of the over­lap­ped waist elastic

High speed free pro­gramm­a­ble locks­titch bartack machi­ne. Bartack pro­gramming spe­ci­al­ly at customer‘s request by SCHIPS AG

HS 800–4 Auto­ma­tic label dis­pen­ser for auto­ma­tic cut­ting to length and posi­tio­n­ing of label under the sewing clamp

High fle­xi­bi­li­ty becau­se of quick and easy chan­ge to a dif­fe­rent label size or from flat to fold­ed labels

HS 1022-K Pedes­tal with infi­ni­te­ly varia­ble height adjust­ment • HS 232 Sta­cker • Prin­ter for prin­ting sizes or other varia­ble infor­ma­ti­on onto the label


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