HS C1L-3

Back­latching at start and end with a for­ward and rever­se sewing over­lock machi­ne, stitch type 504

Not a nor­mal back-latch, but a true for­ward and rever­se sewing. High stan­dard of seam secu­ri­ty and qua­li­ty of back-latch at start and end.

Over­lap­ping of the working cycle is achie­ved by the most up to date fee­ding sys­tem and pre-loa­ding sta­ti­on, thus giving con­ti­nuous fee­ding and stacking. During a sewing cycle, the next pie­ce can be loa­ded. Auto­ma­tic com­pen­sa­ting fee­ding clamp for vary­ing mate­ri­al thic­knes­ses.

High pro­duc­tivi­ty is achie­ved becau­se the begin­ning and end back-lat­ches are sewn in one ope­ra­ti­on. Short trai­ning time, the ope­ra­tor only has to load the garment

Con­ver­si­on parts for thick mate­ri­al • HS 800–9 Label dis­pen­ser • BL: Con­ven­tio­nal back-latch at the start


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