Over­lock with tape sewing foot

Supe­ri­or high qua­li­ty sewing of dif­fi­cult mate­ri­als. Sewing without crea­ses of thin mate­ri­als, micro fib­re fabrics, satins etc. through inter­mit­tent stitch syn­chro­ni­zed dri­ve of tape sewing foot and bot­tom fee­ding tape with two sepa­ra­te step­per motors.

Opti­mum fee­ding, no tracks on the garment, no dama­ge of deli­ca­te mate­ri­als becau­se no feed dogs and no con­ven­tio­nal pres­ser foots are used.

Easy elec­tro­ni­cal­ly chan­ge of stitch length.

Auto­ma­tic back latch device for an effi­ci­ent and high qua­li­ty bart­acking of seam start • HS 1020-K ergo­no­mic crank pedes­tal with con­ti­nuous height adjust­ment


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