HS 2000-ZZ

Auto­mat­ic hem­ming with zig-zag stitch of pre-attached elas­tic on pre-closed open­ings

automatic hemming with zig-zag stitch, sewing automats

Ful­ly auto­mat­ed hem­ming with cylin­der arm lock­stittch machine of elas­tic, pre-attached using over­lock sewing machine, on cir­cu­lar open­ings such as leg, waist, neck, arm etc. Auto­mat­ic sewing, opti­mal guides and mod­i­fied set of sewing parts guar­an­tee high­est seam qual­i­ty. Train­ing time of the oper­a­tor is min­i­mal as only load­ing the gar­ment on the automat is nec­es­sary and there­fore pro­duc­tion using 2 to 3 automats is pos­si­ble.


Spe­cial com­pact puller which gives opti­mal assis­tance to the sewing machine while feed­ing over dif­fer­ent thick­ness­es and cross seams. The cir­cum­fer­ence of the sewing machine arm is not increased by the puller so also allows hem­ming of small cir­cum­fer­ences • ten­sion device with step­per motor adjust­ment for pro­gram­ming of numer­ous sizes and alter­nate sewing of dif­fer­ent cir­cum­fer­ences • auto­mat­ic 2-stage adjust­ment of hem­ming width for sewing a sequence of dif­fer­ent elas­tic widths.