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Auto­mat­ic attach­ing of tape from a roll on pre-closed waists

tape from a roll, sewing automats

With the auto­mat­ic edge guid­ing sys­tem „Felix” one oper­a­tor can work with more than one machine. Ful­ly auto­mat­ic sewing cycle requires no oper­a­tor train­ing time and results in con­sis­tent high qual­i­ty.

High­est pre­ci­sion of the waist over­lap­ping. Pro­gram con­trolled, infi­nite­ly vari­able dif­fer­en­tial feed change. Uni­form elas­tic ten­sion up to the over­lap. Auto­mat­ic posi­tion­ing unit for load­ing.

New option: Tape joint detec­tion

For recog­ni­tion of the bond­ed joint of 2 tape ends, with a new sen­sor. Alu­mini­um bond­ing tape is not nec­es­sary for detec­tion, the sen­sor also iden­ti­fies paper and plas­tic adhe­sive tape joints. The high scan­ning speed doesn’t affect pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Opti­mal instal­la­tion of the sen­sor is pos­si­ble due to its com­pact design.

After recog­ni­tion of the joint, the soft­ware cal­cu­lates whether or not a com­plete piece still can be pro­duced. The tape is then trans­port­ed to just after the adhe­sive joint and cut. The waste will be dis­card­ed.


Con­ver­sion kit for man­u­al sewing of open side (tan­ga) gar­ments • HS 800–3 Label dis­penser for label attach­ing on top of the fab­ric • HS 800–1 Label dis­penser for label attach­ing under­neath the fab­ric • Auto­mat­ic gar­ment removal device


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