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Attach­ing of con­tin­u­ous tape from a roll to waist

tape, sewing automats

2/3 nee­dle cylin­der-arm cov­er stitch machine, edge trim­ming, with/without top cov­er thread. The high-tech con­cept of this automat makes it pos­si­ble to attach elas­tic from a roll with supe­ri­or high qual­i­ty.

Auto­mat­ic end detec­tion, cut­ting of elas­tic, sewing of over­lap and re-inser­tion of elas­tic under the press­er foot . Elas­tic ten­sion and dif­fer­en­tial set­tings pro­gram­ma­ble in length-sec­tions giv­ing the best pos­si­ble adjust­ment for an opti­mum seam. Easy pro­duc­tion of closed and open side (tan­ga) gar­ments due to sophis­ti­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy


End sewing device • HS 800–3 Label dis­penser for label attach­ing on top of the fab­ric • HS 800–1 Label dis­penser for label attach­ing under­neath the fab­ric



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