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Laser weld­ing machine

With a patent­ed opti­cal wheel and class 4 laser sys­tem. High­est per­for­mance while flat and above all, very strong seams are the result. The speed is vari­able and can be con­trolled using a foot ped­al. The upper glass roller as well as the low­er trans­port roller are sep­a­rate­ly dri­ven and the speeds can be adjust­ed indi­vid­u­al­ly. 12 ped­al stages with dif­fer­ent speeds and laser pow­ers can be defined. The pres­sure of the upper roller is stored in the con­trol for each arti­cle. The upper roller low­ers to the mate­r­i­al until the set pres­sure has been reached.

The cylin­der arm of the machine is ide­al­ly suit­ed to pro­cess­ing of both open and closed mate­ri­als. A long arm clear­ance of 600 mm to the right of the weld­ing unit, allows the feed­ing of wide arti­cles.

Guides and ancil­lary equip­ment from our proven sewing and ultra­son­ic weld­ing line guar­an­tee easy han­dling and the best seam qual­i­ty.


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