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HS 961

Automatic strip cutter

HS 961 automatic strip cutter

Automat for cutting to length of all kind of tapes, straps and cords with a newly designed belt feed system. Proven mechanics, pneumatics and electronics guarantee high productivity and precision. Differing qualities can be processed immediately without major changes. A new tape is simply inserted into the belts and fed up to the knife by pressing a button. A powerful cutting unit separates quickly and precisely even tough tapes. The high power motor drives the belts as well as the pre-feeder.

New option: Tape joint detection

For recognition of the bonded joint of 2 tape ends, with a new sensor. Aluminium bonding tape is not necessary for detection, the sensor also identifies paper and plastic adhesive tape joints. The high scanning speed doesn’t affect productivity. Optimal installation of the sensor is possible due to its compact design.

After recognition of the joint, the software calculates whether or not a complete piece still can be produced. The tape is then transported to just after the adhesive joint and cut. The waste will be discarded.



UST 100
Ultrasonic cutting unit (cutting width max. 95 mm), mechanical conversion kit, 20 kHz converter, 20 kHz horn
HS 201
Throw-over stacker, compact
HS 260-165
Clamp stacker
HS 263-500
Rotating stacker, length 500 mm
HS 263-1000
Rotating stacker, length 1000 mm
Hs 264
Flat stacker with tape feed by stepper motor, SMD 40 stepper motor drive, stepper motor
Monitoring of aluminium foil tape joins
Monitoring of aluminium foil tape joins and thick sections with light sensor in front of the pre-feed roller
Measuring tape

Additional angle in front with measuring tape
Angle cut

Angle cut with continuous twisting mechanism by stepper motor
Mark reading device
Mark reading device for label cutting
Ionising device
Ionising device for strong electrostatic charged tapes (depending on type of tape stronger devices on request)