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2-needle flat hemming automat 

Hemming of sleeves, breast pockets, front and back parts of T-shirts, poloshirts etc., open/flat operation with 2 needle cover stitch machine. High quality and consistent hem width from the beginning to the end of seam due to the optimum conception of hemming guide, special sewing parts, top conveyor belt, right hand independently driven side knife and thread chain cutting system. High productivity is achieved through the quick and permanent loading of the automat and practically uninterrupted sewing with maximum sewing speed. Fully automatic sewing cycle because of the conveyor belts integrated in the table and stacker, resulting in reduced training time of the operator. Frame with height adjustment for ergonomic working, ease service due to the movable and therefore free accessible sewing machine. Flexible upgrades of the modular automat possible, supported by the high-tech and efficient electronics.

New option: Stack transfer unit

We are now offering a transfer system to move finished stacks of sleeves, for our HS C9K 2-needle flat hemming automat. The capacity of the stacker is therefore greatly increased as up to 4 stacks can be stored. The setting for number of sleeves to be stacked is stored in the control box. A finished stack can be removed during operation of the automat.

EST 50 control

Short training time due to intuitive operation thanks to logical menu structure, standardisation and touch screen panel.

Optimal support by remote maintenance via Internet.

Quick access to the most important manual functions and direct parameters at the highest operator level.

Expandable hardware concept, central control of the valve block and integration of the sewing motor drive.

Belt transport spring-loaded on top

A new design of the upper belt transport guarantees perfect feeding with adaptation to varying material thicknesses and different fabrics without generating additional friction thanks to a multitude of spring-loaded pressure rollers.

1 belt drive instead of 3

The new drive concept, as well as a new seam guidance system make it possible to handle all transport tasks with just one drive. The complex adjustment of different transport speeds is eliminated.

Overview of further hemming machines.


Stacker for large pieces

Additional stacker, sideways mounted, for stacking front and rear panels of t-shirts, nightshirts, trouser legs etc.
HS 250-50-60

High capacity flat stacker with upper transport belts and high-precision stacking
HS 214

High speed stacker for small pieces such as children’s sleeves, front pockets etc.
Enlarged small piece stacker
Modification of small piece stacker up to a width of 750 mm for long narrow parts such as long sleeves, legs etc.
Juki MF 7723

2/3 needle flatbed machine in 2.8, 3.2, 4.0, 5.6 and 6.4 mm needle distances available
Kit for curling materials

Smoothing device for curling materials such as single jersey, microfibre etc. special adjustments of the automat
Laser positioning beam

Projecting a laser positioning beam for striped parts with high precision alignment of the stripes
Cover thread kit

Additional transport at the side of sewing presser foot when using upper cover thread, particularly for thin and difficult materials
Folding station

Device to fold pieces for subsequent seam closing with minimal handling time. The garment is folded and stacked so that closing with an overlock sewing machine can be carried out with high efficiency. The timing for position of the fold can be determined precisely.


Sleeve hemming with pick up support

Sleeve hemming – children size