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HS C1U-2

2-needle flat bed overlock sewing workstation

2-needle flat bed overlock sewing workstation, sewing automats

Flexible modular system with various sewing machines. Ergonomic versions of workstation arrangement as well as many mechanic and electronic components for increasing productivity and production quality. The workstation is available in semi- or fully submerged mounting.


HS 135 suction chain cutter • HS 135-2 special suction chain cutter with automatic thread chain cutting • HS 137 automatic start back latch device from the top • HS 138 automatic start back latch device from the bottom • HS 250 flat stacker • HS 270 bundle clamp system • HS 301 thread chain cutter type angle knife • HS 702 metering device, stepper motor, synchronizer • HS 704 metering device, stepper motor, synchronizer, integrated tape cutter • HS 708 metering device, stepper motor, tape sensor • HS 800-1 label dispenser for labels underneath the sewing fabrics • HS 800-3 label dispenser for labels on top of the sewing fabrics • HS 1020-K pedestal with crank, 2 columns on the right, left side free • HS 1022-K pedestal with crank, column on the right and left side