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HS C1U-2

2-nee­dle flat bed over­lock sewing work­sta­tion

2-needle flat bed overlock sewing workstation, sewing automats

Flex­i­ble mod­u­lar sys­tem with var­i­ous sewing machines. Ergonom­ic ver­sions of work­sta­tion arrange­ment as well as many mechan­ic and elec­tron­ic com­po­nents for increas­ing pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and pro­duc­tion qual­i­ty. The work­sta­tion is avail­able in semi- or ful­ly sub­merged mount­ing.


HS 135 suc­tion chain cut­ter • HS 135–2 spe­cial suc­tion chain cut­ter with auto­mat­ic thread chain cut­ting • HS 137 auto­mat­ic start back latch device from the top • HS 138 auto­mat­ic start back latch device from the bot­tom • HS 250 flat stack­er • HS 270 bun­dle clamp sys­tem • HS 301 thread chain cut­ter type angle knife • HS 702 meter­ing device, step­per motor, syn­chro­niz­er • HS 704 meter­ing device, step­per motor, syn­chro­niz­er, inte­grat­ed tape cut­ter • HS 708 meter­ing device, step­per motor, tape sen­sor • HS 800–1 label dis­penser for labels under­neath the sewing fab­rics • HS 800–3 label dis­penser for labels on top of the sewing fab­rics • HS 1020-K pedestal with crank, 2 columns on the right, left side free • HS 1022-K pedestal with crank, col­umn on the right and left side


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