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Attach­ing of garter to stock­ing (stan­dard max. width 60 mm)


Small­est cylin­der­arm inter­lock sewing ma chine with spe­cial SCHIPS 4-nee­dle sewing parts and puller.

Roller sys­tem and ten­sion arm for fast and sim­pli­fied sewing in high­est qual­i­ty, accord­ing to the arti­cle even hand-free.

Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of all parts in the sewing– and trans­porta­tion area to pro­tect the stock­ings.



Thread and label suc­tion

Extra strong, mount­ed in front of table top
Build up

Fil­let 10 cm, back and left of the table plate bor­der, HS 1022-K crank pedestal, table top 170 x 60 cm
Emer­gency stop

On table top
Air-off emer­gency valve

Air cut off cock, red
Main switch with lock HS 800–2

Label dis­penser, hold­ing clamp (requires EST 40), SMD40, step­per motor dri­ve


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