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Attaching of garter to stocking (standard max. width 60 mm)


Smallest cylinderarm interlock sewing ma chine with special SCHIPS 4-needle sewing parts and puller.

Roller system and tension arm for fast and simplified sewing in highest quality, according to the article even hand-free.

Modification of all parts in the sewing– and transportation area to protect the stockings.



Thread and label suction

Extra strong, mounted in front of table top

Build up

Fillet 10 cm, back and left of the table plate border, HS 1022-K crank pedestal, table top 170 x 60 cm
Emergency stop

On table top

Air-off emergency valve

Air cut off cock, red

Main switch with lock HS 800-2

Label dispenser, holding clamp (requires EST 40), SMD40, stepper motor drive