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HS C9N with EST 50 control and for small diameter articles


Highly productive sewing workstation for attaching elastic rings to stockings.

The tension roller moves to a reproducible position depending on the size of the article.

The puller has been modified to handle even small diameters with optimal support of the puller.

The concept of the roller arrangement guarantees simple sewing of rings to stockings.

Modifications in the sewing area allow fast loading and starting of the sewing process.


Thread and label suction

Extra strong, mounted in front of table top

Build up

Fillet 10 cm, back and left of the table plate border, HS 1022-K crank pedestal, table top 170 x 60 cm
Emergency stop

On table top

Air-off emergency valve

Air cut off cock, red

Main switch with lock HS 800-2

Label dispenser, holding clamp (requires EST 40), SMD40, stepper motor drive