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HS 704A

Meter­ing Device with inte­grat­ed tape cut­ter

Com­pact meter­ing device with tape cut­ter for feed­ing of elas­tic tape to cir­cu­lar/pre-closed open­ings. The tape will be cut before seam end by a pow­er­ful knife for attach­ing the tape ends over­lapped or a butt join. For the sub­se­quent seam oper­a­tion the begin­ning of tape will be insert­ed into the chute and under the press­er foot.

Pre-pro­grammed tape ten­sions can be recalled by knee switch or stitch count­ing.

The rollers have been designed to be very com­pact. The tape runs left-aligned through the rollers giv­ing the best vis­i­bil­i­ty of the sewing press­er foot with nar­row elas­tic .

The meter­ing device swings out allow­ing quick and easy access to the sewing machine.


Press­er foot with adjustable width tape inser­tion chute, slack feed device. Chute press­er foot with inte­grat­ed tape brake, var­i­ous con­trols.



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