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SCHIPS AG is founded by Helmut Schips. The plant is located in Rorschach, on the edge of Lake Constance in Switzerland. In the beginning, the company specialized in cutting systems for sewing machines in the textile industry to meet customers requirements. SCHIPS AG rapidly developed various complementary parts and equipment, not produced by other major sewing machine manufacturers. SCHIPS AG now builds complete sewing workstations and automated units.

The young company moves from Rorschach into new buildings in Tübach.

Martin Schips joins his parents’ firm.

Extension to the plant doubles the size of the facilities.

Martin Schips appointed managing director SCHIPS AG.

Starting the construction of ultrasonic machines for continuous welding and bonding of fabrics.

SCHIPS AG is an innovative company. It develops and produces highly precise ultrasonic continuous welding and bonding machines, sewing automats, sewing workstations and automation components for the textile industry. These are exported worldwide.

SCHIPS AG can respond quickly to changes in market trends and realizes most up to date automats in the shortest time due to its large development potential. The high-tech electronics, where both hardware and software are developed “in house”, makes it possible to program and control any function. SCHIPS AG consistently offers world-wide innovations showing an excellence in inventive genius, high precision in mechanical systems and sophisticated electronics.