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HS C57B2

Com­pact ultra­son­ic weld­ing work­sta­tion

High qual­i­ty weld­ing or cut­ting using 35 KHz ultra­son­ic tech­nol­o­gy made in Switzer­land. Easy to use table mount­ed ultra­son­ic press with foot ped­al con­tact.

Weld­ing time and gen­er­a­tor pow­er can be eas­i­ly changed to suit the mate­r­i­al being processed to achieve opti­mum results.

Hand con­tact actu­a­tor • retractable guard with safe­ty posi­tion mon­i­tor­ing • mount­ing plate for fit­ting the press, gen­er­a­tor and pneu­mat­ics • work plate with adjustable guides for fast and pre­cise posi­tion­ing • var­i­ous horns and anvils (stamps) in dif­fer­ent shapes and dimen­sions which can also be cus­tom made • ultra­son­ic cut­ting shut off by con­tact of horn and anvil • trig­ger sys­tem • height adjustable frame on wheels with table


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