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HS 2000

Automatic hemming of pre-attached elastic on pre-closed openings


Fully automatic sewing cycle requires no operator training time and results in high productivity and consistent high quality seam. One operator can work with more than one automat.

Monitoring of all important functions, storing of garment information and adjustment of tension device are electronically controlled



Hemming guide ( 2 widths adjustable)
Controlled by software, the hemming guide moves between 2 different elastic or hemming widths which can be adjusted mechanically. This option is important if one or two seams are made with a narrow elastic and the seam after is made with a wider elastic in sequence. This helps for accurate guiding of the elastic and proper seam formation. The lateral guide is spring mounted and adapts exactly to the changes in thickness caused by cross seams and inserts. Therefore, the fabric feed will never be restricted or blocked by thickness in the seam. In the lead-in area of the hemming guide, blowers smooth out the fabric.
Tension unit with stepper motor drive
The tension roller, which is mounted under the sewing machine arm, moves to a pre-programmed position, by stepper motor drive. For loading, the closed and hemmed circumference is folded over the elastic width and loaded at the top under the presser foot and at the bottom under the tension roller. So that the fabric is in a state with reduced tension for loading and removing, a cylinder moves the tension roller at the seam end to a higher position and down again at the seam start.
Thread wiper position sensor
The sensor monitors the position of the thread wiper. If this changes due to sewing threads not being cut, the sensor reports not ready and prevents damage to the thread trimmer, wiper or sewing parts.

Yamato VE2740PR

2-needle hemming machine with small cylinder arm for hemming of the smallest diameters. The machine is equipped with thread trimmer and puller.
Yamato VG 2730P

2 needle cylinder-arm machine with puller, needle distance 3.2 mm, thread cutter with cover thread, with cover thread cutter
Stepper motor drive for puller
Seam end sensor type “W”

Applying a water mark for accurate and guaranteed seam end recognition regardless of garment size, giving consistent length of oversewing.
HS 800-2B label dispenser

Fully automatic insertion of a label at the start of sewing into the hem. The label can be inserted flat or as a loop.
Toe lift device

The side toe of the presser foot can be lifted by a cylinder using stitch counting for thick cross seams or sewing over multi-layered fabric thicknesses. Ensures a high quality sewing result even over difficult seams.
HS 245 finger grip stacker

The grip stacker holds long pieces, for example jogging pants, and stacks them over a bundle rail at the seam end.
Sewing safety guard with cylinder
While loading the automat the safety guard is lifted for easier insertion of the garment. The plexiglass guard is lowered for optimum protection during the sewing operation.
Automatic stitch con-densing
Kit including mechanical and pneumatic parts as well software, if stitch condensing is not part of the original sewing machine. The stitch condensing ensures a very short stitch at the seam end causing it to be knotted so preventing the seam from being undone.