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Automatic thermal transfer printing of flock logos or single labels

Superior high-quality printing (thermal transfer-printing) of flock logos or single labels on top of fabrics or other materials. The single logos or labels stacked in an adjustable magazine are automatically fed to the printing station. The big advantages of transfer printing are: High ergonomics and comfort due to the no longer disturbing seam. Precise printing due to the special positioning and clamping devices. High safety system, this enables to start the printing process without power and with only one hand-by-hand switch. Possibility to print also pre-cut transfer printing labels and pre-cut labels for attaching by heat.

The following versions are available: HS C50F-A1 1 printing station on one table, HS C50F-A2 2 printing stations on one table

Printing process start by: photocell, knee switch or foot switch