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Blindstitch flat hemming automat

Hemming of sleeves, breast pockets, front and back parts of T-shirts, poloshirts, etc., open/flat operation with blindstitch overlock machine. High quality and consistent hem width from the beginning to the end of seam due to the optimum conception of the hemming guide and the sewing parts. High productivity is achieved through the quick and permanent loading of the automat and practically uninterrupted sewing with maximum sewing speed. Fully automatic sewing cycle because of the conveyor belts integrated in the table and stacker, resulting in reduced training time of the operator. Frame with height adjustment for ergonomic working, ease service due to the movable and therefore free accessible sewing machine. Flexible upgrades of the modular automat possible, supported by the high-tech and efficient electronics.

Overview of further hemming machines.

New option: Folding device

Device to fold pieces for subsequent seam closing with minimal handling time. The garment is folded and stacked so that closing with an overlock sewing machine can be carried out with high efficiency. The timing for position of the fold can be determined precisely.


Laser positioning beam

Projecting a laser positioning beam for loading striped parts with high precision alignment of the stripes.
Stacker for large pieces

Additional stacker, sideways mounted, for stacking front and rear panels of t-shirts, nightshirts, trouser legs etc.
Enlarged small piece stacker
Modification of small piece stacker up to a width of 750 mm for long parts such as long sleeves, legs etc.
Kit for curling materials

Smoothing device for curling materials such as single jersey, microfibre etc. including special adjustments of the automat
Folding station for sleeves

Device for folding the sleeves in the middle of the seam, so that handling time for the subsequent seam closing operation can be minimised.