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Sewing workstation with electronic lockstitch bartacking automat, printer, cutting and feeding system

Quickest response time to the ever more rapidly changing market requirements. The currently required label is printed then attached straight afterwards. A stock of labels is no longer necessary. The sourcing and delivery costs will be eliminated. Between printing and sewing no label is wasted, even after a change of labels.

The required label is selected on the printer and the quantity to be printed is entered. Alterna­tively, an optional bar code system can be used to read the required label for the new job.

On request the printer can be equipped with a high quality ultrasonic cutting unit to prevent fraying of the cut edge using ergonomic welding.

If a looped label is required, an integrated folding unit after the cutting system is available.

The printer is available in 3 versions:
1.     1 colour on top
2.     2 colours on top
3.     1 colour on top, 1 colour underneath