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HS 1200

Auto­mat­ic unit for serg­ing oper­a­tions

For serg­ing one or more sides of trouser, back and front pan­els with­out kneel­in­ing, includ­ing seat- and fly seam, also fro all kinds of serg­ing oper­a­tions on var­i­ous types of mate­r­i­al in the pro­duc­tion of ladies and mens wear such as skirts, skirt lin­ings, dress­es, trousers, coats and sim­i­lar gar­ments.

Auto­mat­ic cor­ner stop

Elec­tron­ic dri­ve infi­nite­ly vari­able top con­voy­er bands

Stack­er oper­a­tions by seam­counter

Machine: Over­lock sewing machine, 1 nee­dle, 2 or 3 threads.

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