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Label automa­tion by ther­mal trans­fer-print­ing

Supe­ri­or high-qual­i­ty ther­mal trans­fer-print­ing of labels on top of fab­rics or oth­er mate­ri­als. Feed­ing of labels from a roll. The big advan­tages of trans­fer-print­ing are: No longer dis­turb­ing label seams, but high ergonom­ics and com­fort due to the absolute­ly flat print­ing onto the fab­ric. Through the trans­fer-print­ing the label is more elas­tic than a label con­ven­tion­al­ly sewn with thread. Pre­cise print­ing due to the spe­cial stops and clamp­ing devices. High safe­ty sys­tem, this enables to start the print­ing process with­out pow­er and with only one hand by hand switch.

The fol­low­ing ver­sions are avail­able: HS C50N-A1: one print­ing sta­tion on one table, HS C50N-A2 two print­ing sta­tions on one table

Print­ing process start by: pho­to­cell, knee switch or foot switch


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