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Automatic attaching of binding

Fully automatic attaching of binding to straight and almost straight articles.

Thanks to a high-performance electronic edge guiding, handling is limited to loading.

The automatic insertion system positions the article independently and with high precision, underneath the sewing presser foot. The operator can insert quickly and imprecisely.

The operation of 2 machines at the same time is possible.



Diferential feed
Adjustment of the sewing machine differential feed by stepper motor. Up to 10 sections, each with a length and differential feed setting, can be programmed continuously
Stacker HS 250-50-60
Flat stacker with upper conveyor belt
Stackable pieces: width maximum 50 cm, lenght maximum 100 cm, 28 cm stacking height with automatic height adjustment, control, photocell
Slack feed device
For bandwidths up to 100 mm
HS 708C
Metering device compact version with permanent tension monitoring and compensation for elastic in binding. Immediate change of elastic tensions. Increase of quality due to the compensation of the different elasticities in the same tape