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HS 973C

Garter ring automat

Garter ring automat, sewing automats


Fully automatic production of silicon coated garters from continuous elastic up to 100 mm width without operator.

The unique concept of the automat makes it possible to handle even highly adhesive and curly garters. Very high repeatability is guaranteed.

The seam is absolutely flat, ergonomic and has a high resistance. Additional mode for fully automatic cutting to length of elastic tape without sewing.

New option: Tape joint detection

For recognition of the bonded joint of 2 tape ends, with a new sensor. Aluminium bonding tape is not necessary for detection, the sensor also identifies paper and plastic adhesive tape joints. The high scanning speed doesn’t affect productivity. Optimal installation of the sensor is possible due to its compact design.

After recognition of the joint, the software calculates whether or not a complete piece still can be produced. The tape is then transported to just after the adhesive joint and cut. The waste will be discarded.



Ultrasonic cutting unit

Ultrasonic cutting unit for silicone coated tapes
Removal of backing paper and winding unit Tape Alu-joint detection

Holders, photocell, software (only for aluminium adhesive tapes)


HS 973/CT/PLKG1010 garter ring automat, cold cut, closing with PLKG1010

HS 973/UST/AMS210 garter ring automat, ultrasonic cut, closing with AMS210