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  • welding of several layers (with high percentage of synthetic material)
  • welding – cutting (with optional knife-sets)
  • The necessary pressure for the welding process can quickly and easily be adapted to the different materials, by using a separate controller.
  • Using the fine tuning at the feeding unit the welding material type as well as the thickness can be precisely adjusted. This is essential to obtain an optimum welding result and consequently a strong assembly of the material.
  • The path to the top of the welding stamp can be adjusted individually that between horn and welding stamp no risk of injury to the hands exists. Therefore the operator is not disturbed by additional protection devices.
  • The form of the horn is customized manufactured. Rectangular horns may be turned up to 90 degrees, so the welding materials may be feed and positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the application.
  • In order to an optimally handling of curved articles, it is possible to raise the horn. The height is easy to realize using screws.
  • The welding stamp is application specific produced. It is easily possible to manufacture the stamp on your own at a later date.
  • HS 1001 Z-frame
    The working height can be adjusted by using screws.
    The frame is on rollers and can thus be easily positioned.


  • HS 1022-K pedestal frame, massive mounting form. The height can be quickly and easily with the crank adjusted on the size of the operator, frame on castors.
  • Special frames in a compact form or as a special design.
  • Individual, ergonomic work plates.
  • Ultrasonic generator with 20, 30 or 35 kHz in different power levels (watt).
  • Trigger with hand or knee switch.