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Ultra­son­ic sewing machine

Now we are even clos­er with our ultra­son­ic weld­ing sys­tem to a sewing machine and are reap­ing it’s ben­e­fits:

Change in weld­ing appear­ance by stitch length adjust­ment.

Opti­mized feed of the mate­r­i­al by the main and dif­fer­en­tial feed dogs as well as a sewing press­er foot.

Flat seams as dur­ing the feed there is no drag on the fab­ric.

Sim­ple and cost effec­tive cre­ation of a weld­ing anvil (a wheel is no longer nec­es­sary).

Max­i­mum weld­ing per­for­mance, even at 35 KHz, as the weld­ing time is increased and the fab­ric remains relaxed.


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