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HS 1216

Automatic machine for overlocking

Fully automatic overlocking of one or more sides of home textiles, cleaning rags, materials for specimen books etc. Flexible handling when sewing different sizes and shapes. Possibility for one operator to work with up to 3 automats simultaneously. Highest possible productivity, the operator only has to load the garment. The sewing cycle and stacking (optionally) are fully automatic. Consistent high quality, no manual intervention on the sewing cycle by the operator. Precise high quality edge operation due to the latest driving mechanics and electronics.



HS 250-50-60 Stacker
Special version with 2 belts, manual movement of the stacked parts
HS 800-3
Label dispenser
Tape Folder, tape plate
(replaces side knife suction)
Cutting of thread chain and bartacking by ultrasonic
Unit consisting of: generator, module, converter, closed by cooling module, reinforced, highfrequence cable 2.2m with angle plug, sonotrode, pre-feed unit with holder by HS protection device with micro switch, cutting and welding device, short stroke cylinder, fixation tube and clamps, carriage guide with spindle and stepper motor SMD40, stepper motor drive, stepper motor
Differential feed changement

Continuous by stepper Motor

Active edge guide by speed change of transport belt
3 lights sensors with amplifier (too less material, too much material, material end), holder, software