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Overlock-workstation with automatic back-latch device for closing side seams on slips and T-shirts

SCHIPS HS C1D auto back-latcher
  • Fast
    Fully automatic sewing of the thread chain at the seam beginning and cutting at the seam end. No difference in speed compared to sewing without chain puller and chain cutting.
  • Reliable
    The thread chain is pulled in every time.
  • Unnoticeable
    The thread chain is not visible. It is not thrown around or pulled upwards.
  • High seam quality
    The initial chain lies regularly in the overlock seam. Even thin fabrics are sewn flat.
  • Save thread
    A lot of thread is saved by automated stop as well as thread chain cutting (no kettup).
  • No training time
    The operator does not have to take the chain feed into consideration, as the process is always carried out without interference. Sewing is the same as with a standard overlock machine.
  • Very short seams possible
    Due to the uniqueness of the chain feed, very short seams are possible.


Machine mounting fully submerged • HS 1020-K pedestal with variable height adjustment by handle for ergonomic working operation • HS 800-1 label dispenser for label attaching underneath the fabric • Label dispenser HS 800-3 for label attaching on top of the fabric