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HS 2000-ZZ

Automatic hemming with zig-zag stitch of pre-attached elastic on pre-closed openings

Fully automated hemming with cylinder arm lockstittch machine of elastic, pre-attached using overlock sewing machine, on circular openings such as leg, waist, neck, arm etc. Automatic sewing, optimal guides and modified set of sewing parts guarantee highest seam quality. Training time of the operator is minimal as only loading the garment on the automat is necessary and therefore production using 2 to 3 automats is possible.

Special compact puller which gives optimal assistance to the sewing machine while feeding over different thicknesses and cross seams. The circumference of the sewing machine arm is not increased by the puller so also allows hemming of small circumferences • tension device with stepper motor adjustment for programming of numerous sizes and alternate sewing of different circumferences • automatic 2-stage adjustment of hemming width for sewing a sequence of different elastic widths.